The EneFrame remote monitoring site allows you to view your batteries’ key statistics to see that they are functioning optimally. By reviewing the key data trends per battery, you can ensure your battery voltages and temperatures support maximum longevity of your battery cells. Specifically, ensure that:

  • Your batteries operate in a temperature of above zero degrees and below 40 degrees Celsius at all times,
  • No individual cells exceed 3.70 volt during charge cycles, and
  • No individual cells often fall below 3.0 volt per cell during discharge cycles.

Make sure your battery bank unique ID on this site is correctly captured on your battery management interface through the touch screen on your master battery. Data will only upload from your battery to this site if the IDs match, and only then your battery will receive important software updates whenever they are available. Batteries typically submit data every 20 minutes.

It is highly recommended that your battery is connected to a WiFi network, in order to submit data to this site, and also receive software updates. For more detail, please refer to the user guide referenced on the main website menu.